Call for Proposal Trust Grant for Public Health on Trialect

Call for Proposal Trust Grant for Public Health on Trialect

About us

The Volkswagen Foundation is an independent foundation incorporated under private law with registered office in Hanover. Its overall funding volume of around 150 million euros per year makes it Germany‘s largest private research funding foundation, and indeed one of the country’s largest foundations altogether. The Foundation provides funds only to academic institutions. Since it was founded more than 50 years ago, the Volkswagen Foundation has allocated more than 4.2 billion euros in support of over 30,000 projects. It is thereby one of the largest common benefit foundations under private law in all of Germany.

Wellcome Trust are hereby launching a joint call for applications within this initiative. In order to limit the possible number of themes, this call will accept proposals related to the following global challenges:

  • Climate change
  • Global health
  • Terrorism/Radicalization
  • Migration
  • Social inequality.
The review process

This is a call for pre-proposals where the applicants are asked to present a short outline of the proposed research activities. An international review panel will consider the pre-proposals and recommend a shortlist of groups who will then be asked to develop their research ideas further. The international panel of experts will review the applications using criteria which include quality, potential, and originality of the project as well as the qualifications and track record of the applicants and group members.

Shortlisted groups will be invited to present and defend their projects in person at an interview with the international review panel, after which the three foundations will make their final decisions.


  • April 2016: Call for pre-proposals
  • 1 September 2016: Deadline for pre-proposals
  • by mid-November 2016: Decisions on shortlisted pre-proposals
  • 27 January 2017: Deadline for full proposals
  • 2-3 March 2017: Interviews with shortlisted research groups (Stockholm)
  • End of March 2017: Grant decisions
Submission and processing of applications

All applications will be dealt with jointly by the three foundations. The VolkswagenStiftung will be processing the applications via its electronic application system.

Applications must be submitted in English. Grants to successful applicants can only be paid via a research institution or university. Applicants who are not members of universities or well-known research institutions should supply details on the legal status, statutes, trustees, and boards, charitable/nonprofit status, budgeting, and auditing procedures of the respective institution.

The foundations do not consider applications which are pending at another funding institution, neither in the identical nor in a similar form.


Please submit your pre-proposal using the VolkswagenStiftung’s electronic application system ( containing a legal statement and information on the applicants and their institutions (main applicant, co-applicants, recipient of the grant) as well as on the project (title, duration and total amount requested) are to be completed in the electronic application system. In addition, you will be asked to print the signature sheet provided, sign it and upload it as pdf-attachment.

The following four documents are requested as pdf-attachments:

  • signature sheet (printed and signed)
  • summary of the proposal (up to 1500 char.)
  • description of the proposed research project (up to 5 pages or 17 000 char.). The text should cover the following items:
    • aim of the project
    • research questions to be dealt with
    • theoretical base and methodological approach
    • significance for the research field
    • policy relevance and social impact
    • participants and their tasks within the project
    • organisation of group and expected synergy
    • work plan and grounds for the chosen project period.
  • total budget (gross amount) in Euro (up to 1 page) including:
    • research personnel
    • other personnel
    • travel and accommodation
    • consumables
    • acquisition of data.

Unspecified or unexplained costs will not be approved.

Funds granted to successful applicants can only be paid via a research institution or university (grant administrator).

Deviations from these guidelines will result in immediate rejection.

This call for applications refers only to pre-proposals. The deadline is 1 September 2016.
Electronic Application – Instruction and Tips

Please note that only registered users of the electronic application system have access to application data and are able to submit applications and receive corresponding e-mail messages. Hence, it is required for all applicants with project responsibility to register himself/herself or to ask a co-worker to register in his/her name with the proper e-mail address.

Please follow the five steps to compile and submit your application:

  • If you are a new user please register on the application portal with your name, your e-mail address and your own password. When registering you will be asked about your work address details. Subsequently, you must activate your account using the link sent by email. If you already have a user account you can immediately login using your e-mail address and password.
  • The function new application starts the selection of the corresponding funding initiative (here: Europe and Global Challenges),the application type, the grant receiving institution, and the language.
  • Now – and later on – you can interrupt the completion of your application at any time. You can logout and login again as often as required.
  • Please check whether the pre-filled data on the applicant are correct.Furthermore, we need application data (e. g. project title, duration)and the budget. The budget shall be uploaded as pdf-file under the heading “Other Enclosures”. You are asked to enter all information in the respective forms. Please note that the save button does not transfer any data to the Foundation. You are able to revise all data until the submission of your application. Please keep in mind to read and accept the legal statement. If you wish you can generate a PDF of the filled-in forms for verification and for your filing.
  • Under enclosures you are able to upload files as required according to the checklist on the preceding page in the „Information for Applicants“.

Only PDF files are accepted. Before submission all files can be exchanged for new versions. Once your application is complete you can submit it electronically to the Foundation. Additionally, it is required to generate a signature sheet for print-out. Please do not forget to print, sign, and upload your signature sheet.

In the course of processing your application the Foundation might request additional information. The function new supplement is used to upload and submit the respective files.